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The Temples, buildings, statues, etc. of Acropolis

	On Acropolis many buildings, temples and other items were erected. 
These were usually built to gain the favor of their Gods and Goddesses.
The largest building put on Acropolis, until 480 B.C., was a temple 
dedicated to Athena. Athena was the patron Goddess of the city. The 
temple was built around 580 B.C. The building was destroyed in the year 
480 B.C. by a Persian army. They captured and destroyed most of the 
buildings on Acropolis.
	In 447 B.C. The Athenian people began reconstruction of Acropolis.
They worked under the vision of Pericles, who ruled during the Golden
Age. The made a new temple called the Parthenon which was also dedicated
to the Goddess Athena. 
	The Propylaea was built which was a huge entrance to Acropolis. It
was never completed due to the Peloponnesian Wars. The Erechtheum was built,
which was another temple. The completion date was about 400 B.C. The temple
to Athena Nike was built as well.
	The largest temple ever built in Athens, as well in Greece is the Temple
of Olympian Zues.
	Acropolis contained theaters for plays as well such as the Theater of
Dionysus. Another theater built was the Odeon. It seated about 5,000 people.
Many, if not all, of the classical plays were preformed here.