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Solon's Reforms

	Solon was one of the archons in ancient Athens. In 594 B.C. Solon made
several important reforms, which loosened the tension of civil war breaking
out. He also made it were the public office system was based on wealth. Thus
making it were any qualified citizen could become a public official.Solon also 
published all the laws of the Athenian Society.
	Solons reforms, even though important, did not solve the problem of poverty
in Athens. Because of this, Pisistratus was able to sieze power and become
a tyrant. He ruled from 545 B.C. to 527 B.C. He did though continue the work of
Solon by reducing the power of the traditional ruling class.


	Cleisthenes was the founder of democracy in Athens. He proposed the 
constitution in 508 B.C. The constitution made Athens a democracy. The
curious thing about the constitution was that it stayed intact for several
hundred years. This may not seem strange, but it was because the constitution
was unwritten. The ideaology was based on Solon, but it also provided conditions
that greatly developed them.
	The new constitution now made where all men of 18 years or older were registered
as citizens and were members of the village which they lived in. Which gave each person
a vote in the society. The constitution made were 500 of the people made the decisions 
in the city and those officials were elected each year. Each citizen had a chance to 
run the city. Women were not considered citizens thus they could not vote. People can
be banished under this system for 10 years by a majority vote of the populis.